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Designed to ANSI B16.34 the strainer bodies are produced with a superior wallthickness for  corrosion allowance. Standard stainers are equipped with screens for the average service of most mediums ( steam, gas, air, oil, chemicals , ect. ). The large screen open area ensures an efficent filtering action with a low pressure drop. Filtering area to inlet area ratio is larger than 3 to 1 . Screens area manufactured with perforated plate in the materials and with the perforation specified in the relevant tables . Screens with different peforation ( or wire mesh ) and materials may be manufactured on request.

Strainer maintenace should be made at least once year, or whenever the pressure drop is found to be in excess of the normal figures. A quick clean-up system, to made approximately once a mounth, is to blow-off small impurities trough the drain-plug (5). It is raccomanded to install a drain valve by a nipple to the drain hole to speed-up this operation. For a complete maintenanc e follow the points herebelow: -1- Be sure that the main line has been shut-off. -2- Untighten cover stud bolts (6) and nuts (7) and remove cover (3) and gasket (4). -3- Withdraw screen (2) an carefully inspect it for damages. If any hole in the screen is found abstructed, clean it with compressed air and / or any suitable tool. If the screen is broken in any part or out of shape, replace it with a new spare one. Never reinstall a broken or distorted screen. -4- Carefully clean the inside of the strainer body. -5- Fit a new gasket (4). -6- Install the new screen or the cleaned one (2). Be sure to center the screen in the upper seat. -7- Put in place cover (3). Be sure that drain plug (5) is closed. -8- Slowly give pressure to the line, checking for leakages. 9- Write on the strainer body the date of this maintenance operation.
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